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Color Services

All over color

A single color applied on new growth area and a refreshing gloss color on ends for shine and tone. This is great for grey coverage and reds ! Haircut and/or Blow-dry are charged additionally.         

Color Retouch

Color Retouch is applied to  1/2 inch or less of new growth at the root for a single shade of color. This is great for touching up existing grey coverage and reds. Haircut and/or Blowdry are charged additionally.         

Gloss / Glaze

This service is to add shine and / or controlling tone of the hair.  While it is not to brighten blonde hair, it is a need for hair that is feeling dull and in need of shine and possible tone to mid shafts and ends that has faded. Haircut and/or Blow-dry are charged additionally.                                                  

Full Head Highlights

This service is a traditional foil highlight that adds in one to two shades of blonde through out the entire head.  This is great for anyone wanting some blonde hair that has dimension and can be from natural looking to more of a brighter blonde look. Haircut and/or Blow-dry are charged additionally. 

Partial Highlights

This service is a traditional foil highlight for adding in one to two shades of blonde through out the top half of the head. This is great for anyone only needing highlights in between full highlights times or hairstyles that only need  some blonde highlights to create their desired look. Haircut and/or Blow-dry are charged additionally.

Accent Highlights

 This service is for adding in a few foil highlights for pops of brightness around the hairline and /or by part.  This is great also to add to an all over color for a few pops of brightness. Haircut and/or Blow-dry are charged additionally.

Transformative Color

 This is a service that can take 3+ hours to get the color from where it currently is to where you desire it to be. This process can take a few sessions to get to your desired hair color. Haircut and/or Blow-dry are charged additionally.
Please note -
* There is a additional charge for a extra bowl of color, gloss and /or lighter used with any hair color and /or highlighting service.

*Please note that I do include a Bond Builder into every hair service which reduces breakage and helps to prevent any damage during the hair color process. There may be times where it is necessary to do a Olaplex Treatment in addition to your color service. 


Haircut & Blowdry

Starting with a relaxing shampoo, followed by a haircut that adds shape, layers or just to remove split end & finish with a blow-dry to complete your look.


Starting with a relaxing shampoo and followed with a blow-dry to shape your hair in a style.

Special Occasion 

This is for updo's for weddings, proms and special occasions. It is best to come with your hair already washed the day before to insure that your hair stays for your special occasion.

Specialty Treatments

Olaplex Deep Conditioning 

This is a Olaplex deep moisturizing treatment, that is great for when your hair is feeling dry and thirsty. It does require to process under the heat for 10 mins. This can be added in with any color or haircut service.

Olaplex Treatment

This is a bond building treatment to reduce breakage and repair damage to the hair. It is an important treatment for corrective color,  fragile hair that tends to break or to maintain the hair health while receiving color treatments. This is a important service that can be added to any color service and for hair that is fragile or has been through a lot of color processes.

Reduce Frizz / Maintain Curl
Smoothing Treatment

This is a Pura Luxe non toxic customizable smoothing treatment that will reduce frizz while maintaining your curls and body in the hair.  This treatment is freatTakes around 2 1/2 hours for treatment.

Reduce Frizz / Straighter Look Smoothing Treatment

This is a Pura Luxe Non Toxic customizable smoothing treatment that will reduce frizz and allow you to have a straighter / flatter look. This treatment is not a relaxer or a straightener and will not be straight without blowdrying. But it will allow you to not have to use your flat iron as much and will stay straighter in very humid weather. This treatment takes around 3 hours.

How my hair color style is different

My goal is to have a more soft, natural, dimensional looking hair color versus a strong more solid hair color. I take into account how often you want to come in, when your color starts to grow out what type of demarcation there is going to be, whether it is with covering your grey hairs or having blonde highlights put in. Those are just a few decisions that go into creating your hair color formula.


How to care for your colored hair monthly

Its always important to use a hydrating Sulfate-free shampoo to keep your hair hydrated and clean, while it is also as important to include twice a month a Clarifying shampoo- I prefer Solu by Davines since it is not drying like other ones to remove styling product buildup that can prevent your hair from absorbing the moisture from your shampoo and conditioner. Next would be to use a Conditioner each time you shampoo to allow your hair to stay flexible and hydrated. I promise your hair needs moisture since it has gone through a chemical process. Then lastly would be to do a hair mask twice a month while leaving it on for 10 mins. Your are now on your way to having healthy hydrated hair.

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