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My studio is a more private one on one salon experience versus being in a big salon atmosphere. We can shut the door to allow privacy to catch up on your calls, take care of some work while you process or just enjoy having the time to not be interrupted .

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Looking for hair color?

A lot of the times you can feel unsure of how to get across your preference of hair color. It can feel like you don't have the right words to describe what you want & like. But I promise that we can work together between looking at photos, seeing where your hair color is at now,  to where you want it to be, what the grow out will look like and discussing how to get you there.


" She gives me what I ask for every time, along with good advice and I also receive so many compliments from friends and family "


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 Important Hair Care Info

When it comes to shampooing and conditioning your hair, moisture is your best friend. A lot of people want volume and skip on the conditioner but remember your hair is a delicate fiber & can become dried and break. So a moisturizing shampoo will allow your hair to maintain flexibility and shine and then just adjust your conditioner to be lighter if you are seeking volume. Just as important is using a clarifying shampoo to remove buildup so you hair can take in the moisture it needs. I promise your hair will be happy with these tips !

Image by Tessa Wilson

Choosing a blow dryer

Choosing a blow dryer can be hard with all the choices so decide what is important to you, not just the one that is all over social.

1. Powerful Airflow - Do you have a lot of hair & need to get your hair dried fast.

2. Weight of the Dryer - If you have a lot of hair to dry or weaker hands, you will want to stick to lighter dryer.

3. Attachments - Does it come with different attachments that you can use or does that even matter to you?


Hair Maintence Schedule

Clarifying Shampoo                Twice a month

Hair Mask                                 Once a Week

Short Haircuts                             4 - 6 Weeks

Medium Haircuts                         6 - 8 Weeks

Root Touch Up                             4 - 8 Weeks

Foil Highlights                            8 - 10 Weeks

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